Becky Lewis Biography

By profession, I write and illustrate instructions for building and testing aerospace and robotics hardware. I also create knowledge sites for special projects.

I have struggled, over the years, dropping out of the workforce and then finding my way back in, multiple times. I historically attributed all of that to complex PTSD and major depression, but now I'm starting to understand a larger picture of neurodivergence.

I am a mental health peer and advocate. My dream is to innovate some new social, business, and legal structures that would allow people who are medically and socially marginalized to work in increments, rather than either 40+ hours per week or not at all—and to be able to survive doing it. Thriving would be even better.

Every time I got back into the workforce, the experience of personal accomplishment validated and uplifted me, regardless of the simultaneous experience of alienation. I want others to have access to that uplifting power, also.