Dana Dunlap Biography

Photo of Dana Dunlap, a woman with white skin, shoulder-length blonde hair, an open smile, and silver-rimmed glasses. She is wearing a royal blue shirt with an open collar.

As a peer support specialist, I’ve gathered over 30 years of recovery work from various mental health challenges. I offer my experience to you—who are yearning to survive and thrive in your own way.

I’ve completely recovered from chronic childhood abuse (due to substance abuse and mental illness in the family), PTSD, severe depression, anxiety, and bipolar II disorders.

I’ve pursued many avenues in my recovery and would like to share those avenues with you, including therapy, various support groups, journaling, yoga, meditation, volunteering, facilitating support groups, podcasts, teaching, and more.

I encourage you to carry on the torch and offer YOUR unique recovery experience to anyone who is in need.

I am also the office manager for a small construction business, I’m an avid hiker/backpacker, and I have backpacked the Appalachian Trail.

Researchers say there is a 67% chance of full recovery from serious mental illness [NEEDS A SOURCE CITATION]. Together, let’s do everything in our power to increase those odds. Do you want to lead a more comfortable, independent, and fun life? I do, too.