Marie Kenfak Biography

Photo of Marie Kenfak, a woman with black skin and a gentle smile, wearing a vivid red-orange hijab, against a gold mosaic background.

I haven't been a mental patient and I only had a fifteen-minute session with a psychologist, after which she discharged me, saying that I didn't need her help.

I healed from two rapes, from 6 years of verbal and emotional abuse in a marriage, from a predator-prey relationship following that marriage, from the constant influence of a nightmare neighbor, and from the betrayal of a family member who offered to take care of my first-born while I finished my university degree.

My relationship with God has helped me to build resilience as I was going through those challenges, but the true healing kicked off in October 2021, when I started writing for the purpose of healing.

I worked as a mental health support worker for three years before giving birth to my fourth child. Now, I thrive in my roles as a mother, educator, tutor, and writer.